A new philosophy for the world we live in.


Tojacate, pronounced tō jâ kah tee, stands for the Transformation of Joy and Compassion across the Earth. TOJACATE is a global community seeking to create a positive shift in the world in 2012.

We hope to promote positive life changes for individuals, and to harness the collective good will of community members across the globe. As we near the date of December 21, 2012, we will encourage community members to reach out to friends and family who are not connected to the internet to join in the Day of Intention. If sufficient resources become available, we hope to translate the website into languages beyond English.


The person who created the concept for this website (your TOJACATE guru) prefers to remain anonymous. She is not an exceptional person in any way, but is energized to utilize 2012 as a year of self-improvement and community building. She works in the United States in the social service arena, and has always had a wish to make the world a better place.

The idea for TOJACATE came about when the guru attended a community workshop in 2009 and had a casual conversation with a new friend over the lunch break. The subject of December 21, 2012 as a day of potential doom came up, and her friend shared her perspective that the date would be a positive shift instead. “Why couldn’t we make it a day of positive change?” the guru asked. “I don’t see why not!” her friend responded. The idea took root, and she received support and encouragement from friends, family and colleagues as she shared the notion.

Over a dozen founding members helped the guru shape the vision and concept for TOJACATE. In February of 2012, with the design support of her son, and the development support of a friend, the TOJACATE web site was launched.

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